The Lady in the Van – Alan Bennett

„There was a gap between our social position and our social obligations. It was in this gap that Miss Shepherd (in her van) was able to live.“ (13)


„… ‚… St Francis FLUNG money from him‘ is today’s message, and prospective customers have to step over it to get into the bank.“ (13)


„… ‚If you should need me I’m just round the corner‘ …“ (15)


„… ‚… He was in here with a slug. I think he may be in love with the slug. I tried to turn it out and it got very disturbed. I thought he was going to go for me.’ …“ (21)


“ … ‚… All you need to do is put a curtain up to hide me but permit words of sense to come forth in answer to some questions. Sense is needed.‘ Hygiene was needed too, but possibly in an effort to persuade me about being behind the curtain she brought the subject up herself.“ (29)


„… ‚I have a testimonial for a Clean Room, awarded me some years ago, and my aunt, herself spotless, said I was the cleanest of my mother’s children, particularly in the unseen places.‘ … „(29)


„… ‚I think this is what they must have been drinking at Cana,‘ she says as I hand her the bottle. ‚Jesus wouldn’t have wanted them rolling about drunk, and this is non-alcoholic. …‘ … “ (41)


“ … ‚… When I’m elected, do you think I shall have to live in Downing Street or could I run things from the van?‘ … “ (46)


„[The grave] is unmarked, but I think as someone so reluctant to admit her name or divulge any information about herself, she would not have been displeased by that.“ (92)


„Her decision to become a nun put an end to the piano, ‚and that can’t have helped her state of mind‘ says Mr F.“ (89)