4 Kommentare zu „Mykobakterien“

  1. I don’t speak German, so please forgive me if I am very far off base, but the title of your post struck me. I survived a mycobacterium infection and I had to explain it to everyone, even quite a few medical people. It’s not something you come across very often! So I enjoyed seeing this portrait! It’s quite fierce, I think you have captured its personality.

    And, I wanted to thank you for following me, too.

    Gefällt mir

    1. Actually, a couple of days ago a niece of mine told me about her fish having mycobacteria and she described how this fish looked like. It must have been terrifying.
      Thank you for following me! I am very glad to welcome you as a happy survivor in my doodle factory. 🙂

      Gefällt mir

      1. Thank you. I learned a lot about mycobacterium during my illness and recovery, and I know many people acquire the „fish“ version (there are many kinds, I did not get this strain). But up to now, I gave no thought to the fish and its effect on them. Poor things, and no one is trying to cure them. Once again, I’m feeling lucky that wasn’t my fate!

        Gefällt mir

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